dealsbig lots: 20% off entire purchase for october 7


Have a friend who bought a couch at Big Lots for, I think $249 or maybe $299. It's really nice looking and comfortable, and after almost a year of kids jumping all over it it still looks good and seems to be holding up well.
For that price, even if you have to replace it after 4 or 5 years, still a good deal---and by 4 or 5 years you're probably tired of it and ready for something different anyway.
Seems like a winner situation all around to me.


Sitting on my Big Lots couch that I bought a few times back when they had this 20% off deal. Given my innate frugality, I must say that I'm very happy with this couch. Next time we need new furniture, Big Lots is my first stop.


Was there last night (after 4PM) for Buzz Club members only. We got our 20% off then. The registers were programed to automatically give the 20% after 4PM after swiping your Buzz Club Card. After my order was rung up, the cashier used a special manager's card to give me the 20% off. When the total was $90.00, I was surprised and asked her if the discount was applied (I usually send $150.00 when they have this promo). Then the receipt tape came out, it was 4 1/2 foot long. When I looked at it later last night, not only did I get the Buzz Club 20% off, I got an additional 20% off I guess when she used the manager's card.


Worked for me, 20% off there was no purchase limit like the previous poster said


@luminescentwolf: You have to spend $200 before you get the 20% discount. Not exactly "free".


@luminescentwolf: Actually, Buzz Club lets you earn 20% off a purchase, by making 10 $20 or more purchases. So, this is still pretty awesome since theres no prerequisite. Stock up on Jerky and energy drinks!


The small print here is key: does not apply with Buzz Club discount. Buzz Club is a free membership which gives you 20% off already.


Great find! Thank you for posting!