dealsbig lots: 20% off entire purchase for october 7


Great find! Thank you for posting!


The small print here is key: does not apply with Buzz Club discount. Buzz Club is a free membership which gives you 20% off already.


@luminescentwolf: Actually, Buzz Club lets you earn 20% off a purchase, by making 10 $20 or more purchases. So, this is still pretty awesome since theres no prerequisite. Stock up on Jerky and energy drinks!


@luminescentwolf: You have to spend $200 before you get the 20% discount. Not exactly "free".


Worked for me, 20% off there was no purchase limit like the previous poster said


Was there last night (after 4PM) for Buzz Club members only. We got our 20% off then. The registers were programed to automatically give the 20% after 4PM after swiping your Buzz Club Card. After my order was rung up, the cashier used a special manager's card to give me the 20% off. When the total was $90.00, I was surprised and asked her if the discount was applied (I usually send $150.00 when they have this promo). Then the receipt tape came out, it was 4 1/2 foot long. When I looked at it later last night, not only did I get the Buzz Club 20% off, I got an additional 20% off I guess when she used the manager's card.


Sitting on my Big Lots couch that I bought a few times back when they had this 20% off deal. Given my innate frugality, I must say that I'm very happy with this couch. Next time we need new furniture, Big Lots is my first stop.


Have a friend who bought a couch at Big Lots for, I think $249 or maybe $299. It's really nice looking and comfortable, and after almost a year of kids jumping all over it it still looks good and seems to be holding up well.
For that price, even if you have to replace it after 4 or 5 years, still a good deal---and by 4 or 5 years you're probably tired of it and ready for something different anyway.
Seems like a winner situation all around to me.