dealsfree 2-tone bamboo cutting board & $5.00 gift…


Anyone have any experience with 13 deals? I've seen quite a bit of their stuff here but have never took the leap...


I have always had good experiences with I buy from them about twice a month at this point and never really spend that much. I typically buy the deals that come with a 5.00 coupon code. the code comes via email usually in about a week. Shipping on the product used to take a while but lately it has been really quick. About a month ago I ordered some socks and it came within a week.


I've always had a good experience with 13 deals, too. They have another website, too, but I can't remember the name.

That is either a gigantic half a cucumber or that cutting board is really tiny.


It must be a normal sized cucumber then, because the board is only 8" x 6" x 0.33".


So at this point people are actually paying you to take merchandise in order to compete? Sounds reasonable to me.


I've had good experiences with 13deals in the past as well. After putting an item in your cart, they often recommend other items as well. You can pay 98 cents for something random. I also picked up 3 sets of free Halloween cookie cutters. I noticed they had some other bamboo cutting boards as well for $3.79 each. That's a steal for bamboo cutting boards, so I picked four up (one for each of my family members). So, I paid around $20 (including shipping), and ended up with 5 bamboo cutting boards, 1 random item, and 3 sets of 6 Halloween cookie cutters. Can't complain.


@djanlp: I see the max qty. of cookie cutters is 134.... can I get that many for free you think?


coupon code 'cad806' for another 10 percent off.


These ARE tiny boards but useful for when you just want a slice or two from a wedge of cheese or salami. No dragging out the big, heavy boards. I keep one of these just for my lazy-I'll-clean-it-later kids.


I bought a set of these a few months back from a deal on here. Overall I have been very happy with them. They look nice, they are light, and they clean easy. Worth every penny


Personally, I don't see something as free when you have to pay for shipping. Shipping is part of the total cost of the item. But... that's me.


@dazoneranger: Thatdailydeal (formarly ihavetohavethat) and 13petdeals are both the same company.

I have had no problems ordering from any of the Jamminbutter sites.

vote-for5vote-against is also part of the group

I've ordered from and in the past. Never had a problem although recently some sheets I ordered took 3 weeks to arrive, although I was notified they were backordered and would be shipping as soon as stock was replenished. I've ordered the stocking full of crap they have around Christmas time and usually get several stocking stuffers that the kids enjoy.


I did the deal last month. They never sent me the gift code. When I complained to customer support they were rude to me and eventually gave me a coupon code, which unlike the gift code couldn't be combined with other coupons or offers and was not valid toward shipping and handling charges.