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The company's website says that they have mobile apps for both Android and iOS. I would barely them apps. Neither the iOS or the Android app work. (Yes, I tested them out myself on my Galaxy Nexus and iPod Touch.)

The only reason why I ever considered getting this deal was because of the ability to review for the GRE on the go, but since they like to falsely advertise, I'd recommend steering clear of this deal.


Here's why you want this deal:

They got me a 1300 on my GRE (well, retrograding the score). I probably would have gotten <1000 otherwise. The iPhone app worked just fine. They have been continuously releasing upgrades to their system - I've noticed SERIOUS improvements in the last 4 months. I loved the matching game for the vocabulary, and the ability to test the flashcards and sort through them based upon how well you know the words. They even teach you how to make the best guess if you don't know the answer.

Last, but not least, was the finishing touch: the day before my test, I got a surprise package in the mail from BenchPrep. They sent me a stress ball and a really, really nice glass full of candies, Starbucks Via, and Tazo tea. That's not the most amazing part, though. I had a HANDWRITTEN card addressed to me and wishing me luck. DAMN. I mean, seriously. What company does that?

Two thumbs way up to BenchPrep. You guys rock.



You can go to MIT's Youtube channel and watch any of their 2,353 training modules for free.

I've watched several and learned a lot.


I have the BenchPrep PMP exam review application on my Galaxy Tab and on my HTC Inc2 phones. That's working fine for me. The early versions of the Android app were a bit flaky (images would get dropped, requiring you to delete the exam and re-download to get it back) but they've been very responsive to bug reports and have released several updates that have improved things a great deal.

Now, as to the content (at least the PMP exam that I own), it's not a very flashy presentation. Basically, they took what looks like paper prep course material and dump it onto the screen. You basically read the material, take a quiz to make sure you understand what you've read, and continue on. The app has navigation buttons to allow you to move back and forth.

Sort of a least-effort conversion to the smart phone device, but still quite usable.

If I were looking to prep for another exam, I'd be looking to BenchPrep for the material. The material is good and the app is good enough.


@cengland0: While the MIT YouTube videos (or Khan Academy ones for that matter) give you the opportunity to learn general knowledge, they won't help you with the specifics of the exams. That's what this material is intended to help you learn. I doubt that MIT has a video explaining the rationale for how SAT questions are formulated, for example.


@rhmurphy: I agree. I was just providing information that shows what kind of deal this is. Those 2K + courses are high quality MIT courses and are free. This company charges an arm and a leg for their courses. Even after the 85% discount, it's still expensive.

Each of their courses have to be purchased separately.

A quick google search came up with several companies that offer this service for free. Here's one, for example:

I looked at the examples and they have three SAT practice tests. Only the third one is "premium" the rest is free.


Have any of you tried for the free vocab?


I only found one or two reviews on their MCAT material, but they looked pretty positive. Have any Wooters happened to use this or any other MCAT prep app?


I really appreciated both the Android and the browser-based applications, and they definitely improved my score on the GMAT. The only issue with the Android application was that under certain circumstances, my course would "disappear" from my library, and I had to close the application and re-open it before I could continue. However, they may have also fixed that by now.


Anyone know when this expires?


Does anyone know where I can find free GMAT study material?


@cengland0 I'm sorry, I'm confused. After the 85% discount, most courses are roughly $15. Most prep books are well over $20. For an over $100 test, I feel that doing well the first time an not having to retake it saved me another $100. What's $15-$30? Worth it.


@schtella: A Prep book is printed material and has a higher cost associated with it. Online content only needs to be created once and then it's virtually free for each new customer to use the content.

When you say it's an over $100 test, this particular company always has sales on their curriculum. It's not worth $100 so that's why they are discounting it. Even after their discount, it's not worth it -- in my opinion. There are too many free options available for them to be charging $15.

Another way to put this, why don't they say the curriculum is worth $1000 so they can say it's a 98.5% discount. That would make this an even better deal, right? Well, who cares about the regular price of the item. You need to decide if the discounted price is worth what they are asking regardless of what they claim the MSRP is.


Okay so a couple people are down-voting my comment. That's okay, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

You can see other deals offered by this same company:

They had 50% off, then two 60% off deals, and now 85% off. Look at the current net -53 votes for this deal -- that shows the majority of the community agrees that this is not that good of a deal.

As an FYI, I don't down-vote so I'm not counted in that -53 (there's actually -90 negatives but a couple positives so there's a net of negative 53 currently)


I used for LSAT this year on ipad and android phone without problem. I highly recommend, even if it wasn't heavily discounted. You cannot over-prep for these standardized tests, and the BenchPrep tools were excellent for me with LSAT...


Prepping for the CA Bar it worth the $22.50? Any honest input would be greatly appreciated.


Well, I didn't encounter any issue using their app.


A score of -73, yet all the highest rated comments are positive.

I do not understand.


@legendaryhen: yeah I don't get it either...maybe because its not a camera or some other toy. I found it useful and forwarded it to my grad school friends.


@cengland0 It's okay, I understand your point. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I meant the cost of taking the GRE is over $100. I assume other tests are comparative. If I did poorly on the GRE, I would have to retake it and be in over $200.


@skeen503979: Web page states: "Your course NEVER expires!"
If your asking: When will the coupon code Woot85 expire? These contact points are listed at the bottom of the page:
p: 312.999.3249

If you find an answer, please post it. I will not be able to act on this tonight, but I am interested.


Thank you for this deal...

not sure why it's voted down so much, I guess because people don't come to deals.woot for GRE prep materials. But you saved me a lot of money, thank you.