deals11x14 custom photo canvas for $27


We have had a Christmas and a Wedding Photo (family) put on canvass and on aluminum. Everyone who visits our home comments on these. They are beautiful and a real treasure. This is a great deal! We even had our kids (4) school photos put on a single canvass one year as a Christmas gift! It is still hanging up and the kids love it!


Anyone else getting a dead link?

Tried both on firefox and chrome. Just sends me to a page that doesn't load any further



@rahulabon: Works for me on my computer and phone.


@rahulabon: Using FF, I get a page that starts with instructions to upload your photo.


@rahulabon: When I first went to the page my Flash blocker asked if I wanted to see the page's contents. They use Flash heavily so if you use a script blocker, Flash blocker, or ad blocker, you may have to disable it to see the ordering page. Once I approved the page past my default settings, everything was very clear.


Did work on my phone, but still no luck on my computer.

I'll work with it to see if I can get it going. Took a great family Christmas photo that I wouldn't mind getting made for my mom :D


It was difficult for me (a regular guy) to size and select a pic that I wanted to use that would fit the sites criteria. Even after numerous croppings, I used a different photo that should be fine as a gift. BTW Woot, why am I not getting credit on my square for the purchase?


lousy deal. wal-mart does this for $10 right now with a coupon you can download and print.


@aksman44: This isn't Woot selling the item, it is a separate company.

Btw, looks like a pretty good deal, and I know a few people who might like this indeed.


Love the copy, i lmao at my desk this am. Keep up the good work Woot.


I've had an old photo I've wanted to get put on canvas-- for this price it's worth the gamble. I now cannot wait to see how it looks. It's very old and I wonder how distorted it will get. We shall see!


@sasamykolors: Maybe you should do a sponsored deal, then, instead of basically spamming your info into an inappropriate comment?

Since you've been here awhile, surely you're aware that you can -- and should -- post your info as a deal. It's not as if this is the first deal posted by this company.