dealsparrot ar.drone 1.0 quadricopter (refurbished…


A refurbished foam helicopter for $200 - Thanks Brookstone, but No Thanks.


It does use your iPhone (ipad, etc) or android device as the controller and has a camera that sends the image back to your device...


@eojoob: It's $100 cheaper than a new one. These aren't the simple helicopters you get to fly around your living room.


Too bad this isn't for the 2.0 version or I'd be in for one.


I agree. These are just awesome in their capabilities and the newer version, 2.0 is just about like having your own drone....less the missiles of course.


Who is gail and why is he playing keep away from the short people??


The Ladybug is about $130 new but doesn't have the camera.


I was attempting to confirm that this worked on non-iDevices and found the link for the Android app:

Actually, the main manufactures site has all sorts of great info about these drones:


@offline999:I can confirm that the a.r. drone will work with a gtablet running TNT Lite. I have yet to try it on the Team DRH ICS build. I did have some glitches, but I really can't say whether they were from the gtablet being it's normal weird self or the drone. I'm leaning towards the gtablet being the issue.