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I have the Le Creuset goose pot and it is an extremely high quality piece that cooks evenly on the stovetop or perfectly in the oven. Whether it's 12 qts of chili for Superbowl or 15 lbs of corned beef for St. Paddy's Day, my Le Creuset performs flawlessly. We call it The Heirloom Pot because it was so expensive that it will be in the will. NOT THE CASE WITH THIS DEAL! This is a fantastic deal on a fantastic piece of cookware.


They cook food really well and evenly. You can use it for one pot meals, stews, soups etc. The pots are very sturdy and extremely durable as well; the same set will last for years. They are more expensive than many other pots, but they are definitely worth the price, since the quality is amazing.


LC makes the best pots you will ever own and if you are respectful of them, they last forever. If you don't already own a piece, you really must buy one--they make all-clad look like a Wal-Mart brand. If you get this one you will be coming back for an even larger one very soon.

That being said, while this is a good deal--you can probably find a better one if you are willing to invest some time and effort shopping around. I got the 8.5qt for $139 in the clearance section of Crate and Barrel and have seen similar deals at Sur la Table on occasion.


I've slowly been adding to my Le Creuset collection and I blame that mostly to my proximity to an outlet store. The trick to getting good deals on Le Creuset is to sign up for their "premier club." Doesn't cost anything but they'll send you a %35 off coupon every 3-4 months. And this is good for as many purchases for the length of the coupon. This weekend I fell victim to the Tagine, a small omelet pan, and a 9" skillet. Damn you coupons.


I love my cast iron cookware. My first piece was a LC grill pan but as I added pieces I went with Lodge (two dutch ovens) and Cuisinart (six individual size pots). Despite what some reviews have said, I haven't had any problems with lid sizes, cracking enamel, etc. So I'm quite happy with all three brands. LC does have a unique look about them so if you are serving and your guests care, then there's a significant appearance difference between the brands. But in terms of cooking ability, all three have handled well for me and the Lodge is the best value by far. But do consider LC if you can get a good deal.