dealsst. patrick’s day exclusive – hand blown green…


Well...since no one else has said it yet...



Anyone want to fill me in as to why this is already in the basement?


Holy crap I was like wow I'd never pay 29 dollars for that and then I looked at the website and saw the original price was $219! lolol


Once again, 10 dollars worth of jewelry for $29 PLUS SHIPPING.

As an added bonus, you get a metallic clover thing to put in the middle of $6 dollars worth of green beads. You know? To give it that Irish look.


Let me be the first to point out, the Shamrock does not have 4 leaves/petals.

Anytime you see a "Shamrock" with four leaves you can be sure it was drawn/conceived by someone without any Irish heritage.

Maybe they are trying to put the "Sham" in Shamrock.


I can't stop snickering immaturely every time I read "hand blown."


Free shipping.

I don't know, I look at the beads and they are really nice with metal sliders on the interior. Not that this is an object I would buy as I like tech products, but I was wondering also why the bad reviews. Look like really good bead quality though the .925 plated is cheap. I guess if you are on the bottom of woots deal page, you are the worst deal. So therefore get slammed. Usually it is "free" cruises, "low airplane fares" etc... which is just crap. But this at least isn't that crappy.

If I wore bracelets, I wouldn't mind one of these. Maybe I'll get one for a friend who like silver.


I would call this bad reviews since there were either bad or good and no in between. Sounds like any diamond jewelery they sell is very poor.


I bought a bracelet from Szul through this site for a Christmas present. It was pretty much what I expected - an inexpensive Pandora clone. It seems that's what's up for sale here.

The bracelet is cheap because of the skimpy plating, but the beads can be used on your higher-end overpriced bracelet. Worked out well and well received.

I had no need to use their customer service as it just arrived as expected, so I can't comment on the reviews. Seems like they're pretty hard to deal with if things don't go well, so caveat emptor.


There is no Dana, only Szul.


I've purchased several pieces of jewelry from Szul over the years. They have all been what I expected. They are often lab created stones and as someone pointed out the silver quality is poor, however they have their place. I have gotten several things from this site for my now 14 yr old neice. She gets "real" jewelry that makes her feel like an adult, and I don't feel bad that she's learning to take care of such things. Recommended!


@tivonutdc: We are not talking "fine" jewelry here. This item is something that I personally would wear and think it is a decent price.


Sorry but it looks just like the kind of jewelry that you can but at walmart for less that $10. For me if I spend money on jewelry I'd never by something that looked like something I'd get at walmart, I'd want something that was a conversation starter "wow I love your bracelet where'd you get it"


@teenracer6: One reason might be that if you buy from Szul you will never be lonely. I had to block their domain in my email because they spam like crazy and ignored my attempts to unsubscribe.


This looks like jewelry that's worth less than the asking price.

My daughter's name is CLOVER and I wouldn't touch this chintzy costume bauble.


The issue isn't whether or not this is costume jewelry. The issue is that this is costume jewelry at 3x market value.

If you want to wear costume jewelry and pay 3x's it's value, then this is for you.


I'm waiting for someone to sell a real sterling silver bracelet like this at this price since I actually like the look of them. Then I could find some cheaper beads to put on it since the name-brand beads are crazy expensive. Wouldn't spend almost $30 for something that is only SS-plated though!


@kc6201: I feel the same way. I really like the look of this, but the price is still way too high for plated jewelry.


Would one consider these charms... lucky?