dealsthe crow [blu-ray] for $4.75


I own the VHS, DVD and digital copy but may need to buy the blu-ray as well. Such a good film, PLEASE do not re-make this! At one point there was talk of Bradley Cooper taking on this role.


@conanthelibrarian: Brandon Lee was 27 or 28 when he acted in The Crow. Bradley Cooper is 38 now. He'd be a terrible fit if they remade the movie.


@ssuser: Hugh Jackman is 45 and looked like a tank in the Wolverine movie. But Bradley Cooper would be a terrible actor for the job.


Sorry fellas. It's a done deal. It will be remade. I don't remember who got the part off hand but I think it will be ok. I only read one small article a few months ago about it but it's happening.


Accepted the role of Eric Draven for the reboot set to film in 2014.