dealssandisk cruzer glide 128 gb usb flash drive for…


USB 2.0, if anyone was interested.

128GB - man, these things are really advancing. Just consider the insane volume of stuff you could accidentally leave on the train these days!


Keep in mind that just because it's a USB 2.0 drive doesn't mean you can write to it at USB 2.0 speeds. Some of the reviewers were calculating 4-8 Mbps write speeds, which is typical for high capacity, budget USB flash drives. Just don't expect to be able to move 100 GB of data on to this thing in a short amount of time, it's not going to happen.


Imagine getting a 1tb hd with usb 1.0 specs. The ultimate gag gift!


Note to manufacturers: storage of that size without at least a USB 3.0 pipeline is kinda silly.


@pocketbrain: I disagree. While faster is better, if I'm looking for backup a little time lag while I do other things isn't a big deal. If I'm looking to have several hundred hours of video available for my laptop while I'm traveling, again dragging and dropping while I do other things is not a big deal. The important thing is that it's fast enough to stream video, at a very good price for a very large size.


@pocketbrain: USB 3 is a total waste for today's USB sticks. The chips they use these days are still waaay too slow to come anywhere near saturating even USB 2 bandwidth with either read or write operations. Having one of these with a USB 3 interface is simply a marketing gimmick there's no way you'd see a performance boost.

This could be useful, but slow, and you could carry around pretty much all your personal files, ebooks, music, etc. with it. I might even be able to carry .001% of my video files, lol.

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