dealswoot check - android apps on google play for $0.00


Unfortunately, Woot Check is broken and the developers don't care. Or, they at least don't pay attention to feedback from users.

At work, we run a web cache to help cut network consumption. What that does is to keep track of files already downloaded by someone, stores them locally in the cache, then serves the cached copy when someone else requests it.

Well, if I run Woot Check at work, what I get is whatever is in the cache, even if it's a week old. Deja Vu isn't helpful in these cases. :)

I'll look today to see what the Woot Off says, but I'm not optimistic that Woot Check won't show me something from a few days ago.


I have a woot watcher for google chrome for months now and I still have yet to land a bag of crap, even when I have gotten far enough to hit the Submit Payment button, so me checking from my phone would be 5x slower than me doing it straight from a computer with a hard-wired connection. God just doesn't love me I guess.


Just downloaded it and it looks pretty nice. just wish it didn't need 2MB of Phone memory after moving it to the SD card.


As I commented earlier, it's showing wrong items.

Woot Check is now telling me that Woot is selling a "RCA 702p Digital Camcorder" which was actually sold June 21st. Five days later, Woot Check is showing that same item.


I'd prefer the name "W00t, there it is" for a W00t-off checker.


It is working fine for me, but I am running ICS, I do not know if that makes a difference