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Motherboard: MSI MS-7778 (Jasmine)
The CPU is a Trinity FM2 socket.
Has 2 x DDR3 slots, so the memory must be an 8GB and a 2GB stick.
The power supply is 300W. You probably want to upgrade that if you will be putting in your own video card.


Wow. Not having PoS Windows 8 alone is worth the price!


I agree. Having Win 7 and not 8 is nice. It's getting harder to find an off the shelf pc that has 7. I'll have to give this a bit of thought before buying......


The motherboard picture shows 4 memory slots and spec state 4 memory slots. It makes no sense to upgrade the power supply and add a graphics card to this computer. To get better graphics you'll have to spend at least $100 on the card and $50 for a more powerful supply than this computer has already.


They are very similar. This one has 2x the storage on the hard drive but both have more than most people will use. This also has better graphics, but for most uses other than games you be hard press to notice it. The other has a better cpu but in use you'll not notice that much difference.


@spyder69696969: Either you're an old school IT guy (why they always hate change so much, I'll never know) or you've had little to no experience with Win8. I've been using Win8 for over 2 months now and it's perfectly fine. It's faster in almost every category compared to Win7, and if you are so inclined, there are easy ways of setting it up to look and feel just like Win7, except it's faster. Not to mention an incredibly better Task Manager, and much better file transfer management. Please don't reply with some story about how you've been using it since the beginning and still hate it, your comment makes it obvious this isn't the case.

To those who would like to know, If you like Win7, and have even an ounce of computer savvy in your body, then Win8 can be almost identical in usage and offers better performance. If you aren't afraid of change, Win8 takes a little getting used to, but I feel is worth it (even though I still use it like Win7 most of the time).


@wootificator: Windows 8 is horrible. The metro interface is absolutely pitiful for normal desktop use. Leave it for phones, tablets, whatever else - but don't MAKE me use it on my desktop, or even worse on the SERVER interface. I can use Start8 or something similar to return it to normal - but what is the point? Windows 8 has more niggles than just that, and in my short time using it there was nothing better that added to it. The speed is negligent at best, anybody saying it is faster is coming generally from a new install and it is going to be faster if you installed Vista over 7 that has been used for a long time. How is someone that doesn't want to use a crappy interface to get little to no speed improvements "afraid of change"?


@wootificator: Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It makes me more inclined to give Win 8 a shot. By shear bad luck, most of my computers came with the worst of Microsofts OS releases (Windows ME, and Vista).


@tristicus: I apologize if my actual use of the OS has upset you. But when YOU actually use it, then come back and let people know your opinion. If you've only seen it, or maybe used it for a few minutes, then you didn't give it a chance and you're being childish. If you have used it extensively, you would know the "metro" interface is superficial, and can be ignored and set up to look and feel pretty much just like Win7 if you take a few minutes to research how to do it. Understandably MS doesn't want you to do this, but plenty of people have figured it out and shared how on the internet if you give it a search.

So you can leave "metro" for the phones if you choose, and get a smoother, faster, more intuitive experience with a more stable version of Win7 that can also run Apps if you choose to use it that way, or you can just install/uninstall programs as you always have. Both work fine, except Win8 is just better in almost every way.


@wootificator: Apparently you missed the part of my post where I DID use it. And apparently because I don't like it I'm childish. Real logical there. Did you not even read the part of the post where I said you COULD DO THAT, but it is pointless? It's a POS upgrade, the end. Thanks.


@tristicus: You're wrong though... Win8 is WAY better than 7 in every aspect. Yes, metro is weird (at first). I have found after about a month that I actually like metro, but even if you don't, as wootificator mentioned, you don't have to use it. If you think Win8 is a PoS compared to Win7, you're either stubborn or inexperienced.


@tristicus: You're right, I based my comment on your first two or three sentences. I admit when I decided your comment was seemingly based on emotion, rather than critical evaluation of the OS I stopped reading.
But I have read it now...and am no more impressed with your opinion than I was before. Your points were all addressed in my first comment, and you ask "why bother?" as if that justifies ignoring what I wrote. I bother because I like the smoother operation (I dual boot 7 and 8 so I can see the difference), the integration of social media like Facebook, and the added security of the built in anti-virus. Also I like that my children have their own profiles, and I can regulate exactly how, when, and for how long they use the computer. I like the more detailed Task Manager, and File Handler, and the ribbon on top of the folders is more intuitive and informative than 7. There's plenty to like about it, and nothing that can't be fixed to dislike unless you're just being stubborn.