dealstoday only! pick up a refurbished printer for $19…


I got this when I tried to buy one:

"We're sorry, but the Epson America website is currently undergoing maintenance to better serve your needs. "

Hopefully it will work after some time


Their website is definitely down right now. Hopefully it will be up soon. This is a great deal if it's true.


This was in a CNET Specials E-mail...
I suspect the traffic increase has brought the site down...


It's like trying to win a bag of crap. I get to checkout and BLAM... session timed out.


I just called Epson and ordered on the phone. The rep said that the site was down for maintenance and would be back up by 2:30 PST. Call 1-800-873-7766 and speak with an Epson Store sales representative.


Finally got through store rep said their systems were down and could not make sales... should be up in a couple of hours.


The site is back up and the product is sold out, according to the message I just got when trying to check out. It's a shame; this was a terrific deal.