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Buyer beware...I think there aren't even five games for this device, and they aren't making any more, hence the low price.


I own this and the kids love to draw on it. I don't own any games for it we just draw on it. I paid 9.99 for mine. Works great.


Without a game like Pictionary (sold separately), this device is pretty worthless. It's basically like MS Paint for your TV.


@danpopov: There are three total games for this, including the Instant Artist that it comes with. The others are Pictionary, and a Marvel game. All can be found for $10 or less, so no big investment required.


Can be used on the PC also:

PS3 version appears to be easier to setup.


PS3 version is also available.

This deal saves you $2 on the product, you can check if its available in store.


@pdbq: Sweet, thanks. I just bought this for my daughter's birthday so being able to use it on the PC is a bonus.


This foray into hardware (disasterous decision) was one of the main things that caused THQ to go bankrupt. Hardware is not cheap, and there was massive unsold inventory when noone bought this.


thanks my kids should like this!


I too got this for 10 bucks around the holidays. My son is almost 4, and loves to draw and stamp using the game that comes with the tablet. There is quite a bit more to it than MS paint, namely the art class (camp?) area where you can learn some techniques and stuff. That area is a little beyond his ability now, but not in another year I would guess. Lots of fun for 8 bucks...


Hey guys, I missed this yesterday because the pick up locations were very far away. However today they have it for 9.99 and free shipping! That beats the 2$ off for me. Toysrus has it for 30$ I checked there first. I think my 14 monther will love this!!


Wow these are still out there? Just how many units did they make of these?