dealsthe complete calvin and hobbes by bill watterson…


Love it! I'm still shocked when a 'kid' recognizes my Calvin & Hobbes tattoo's. Perhaps these collections are still educating the youth of today :)


I ordered this. My wife and I both loved Calvin and Hobbes and the faces they made in disgust. I can't wait to share this with my kid...


"It's not fair!"
"Life isn't fair Calvin."
"Yeah... but why isn't it ever not fair in my favor??" XD

These are sitting in my reading room (aka bathroom) right now, easily one of the best comic strips ever written.

Anyone else wish that Bill Watterson would come out of whatever cave he's hiding in? =(


Great price, but...if you're ordering them for kids, you might want to go with picking up the old paperback collections instead. These are heavy, thick hardback books, and they're a bit too much for kids' hands. The paperbacks are much more portable and easier to manage. If these are for your own perusal, however, they will do much to class up your shelves : )


I didn't mean to imply I was going to let my kid touch it. It's more of a "dancing around, waving the book in her face and shouting 'HA-ha'" kind of sharing...


Good deal, great comic! $92.04 on amazon.


@tossthedice: I'm not sure I do, I mean yeah I'd love to have more, but that's kinda what makes C&H so memorable. Watterson refused to start shelling out half-assed works, and he didn't run it into the ground. He made the best comic strip he could at the time and that's more than enough for me. If he had've continued as burned out as he was at the end, we'd have lost a lot the charm and wonder that his strips contained.


Calvin and Hobbs.. epic classic.. right next to Peanuts!! I love the snowmen series!!!!!


OMG. A freaking deal when it was $90 last year...@ $65... mind. blown.

(searching searching)!!!


OMG Calvin AND Hobbs, I would pay that much for just Calvin!


Already posted this on a Calvin and Hobbes question a couple month ago, but here it is again:

[Calvin and] Hobbes and Bacon:

Read in order (Make sure to zoom in for best quality)

That last one makes me want to cry.


Great deal...I think I paid like $80 or so, but it was worth every penny.
One or two strips were modified from their original versions, but overall nice presentation.

Speaking of which, what printing are they up to now?
I was lucky enough to get a first printing several years ago.


Buy this. Right now. Do I look like i'm kidding? Why are you still here? Click on the giant yellow button up there. It's not hard, just click on it. Seriously, why are you still reading? If you don't love Calvin and Hobbes your brain has been damaged in some way. That is science. If you don't remember the brain injury ask your parents about, what the probably talk about in hushed tones as, "The Fumble".


I voted this deal down.

I've been a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes for years, but, as pointed out by Amazon reviews, the Complete C&H has binding problems which are further amplified by the hardcover. Also, as pointed out in Amazon reviews, there are some side drawings and content in the smaller paperbacks that are not found in the "Complete" edition.

To have a complete collection of C&H, you only need to buy 8 of the paperbacks, listed here

You'll end up paying about $90 by getting the separate paperbacks, but that's what I've done and that's what I recommend to any one looking to obtain the complete collection. Also, purely as personal opinion, I always prefer paperback to hardcover for portability reasons.


I ordered it. I might be showing my age here but I remember reading these in the paper. I also distinctly recall reading the last C&H Sunday comic in the paper, but I didn't realize it was the last one at the time. Should have saved it, but hey when you are in elementary school you don't think of these things. LOL. But I was super bummed the next week when C&H was gone, it was my favorite, even at that age.

Also B&N removed my coupon right before I placed my order online, saying some nonsense about it not applying. I just re-entered it and it went thru, but if I hadn't been paying attention I would have had the $90 price charged. So pay close attention to your totals if you are going for this deal.


@arevan: Your links are so full of win.


The snowmen have been my favorite for a while, however "Don't tell mom the babysitters dead", is an absolute ROFLOL book. I love these editions! full color (where applicable) glossy high quality books, a must for any true fan!


@karatekitty: as soon as I heard he was retiring I started clipping every Sunday comic, I have no desire to keep all of the relics of my past, but these I still have in a safe place :)


Just to clarify about my above post - by "binding problems" I meant some people have reported pages falling out. It appears the books are bound by glue instead of properly sewn, which is a problem when you're working with the stress imposed by the spine of a hardcover.

I did not mean to imply that Calvin and Hobbes isn't the greatest comic ever made. I just encourage people to do their research and consider the alternative of buying the 8 paperbacks necessary to own every comic instead of the massive 3 book collection shown here. That said, the price for this is still a great deal.


The only downside is this is too nice to leave next to the toilet.


@mikeymet: I don't necessarily mean to do more C&H, but I'd love to see him on twitter or make comments on Facebook, write a book, do SOMETHING to give us some more love XD


Where did you find those??!

You're right, the last one is so bittersweet..

+3 internetz


@jedi2b: ""Don't tell mom the babysitters dead" is not a C&H book, it is a 1991 movie starring Christina Applegate. Maybe you meant "Revenge of the Babysat"?


something under the bed is drooling



my favorite ones were

1. the transmografier
2. hobbes shaving calvin's head
3. the babysitter


@arevan: possibly the coolest post-Watterson C&H tribute I've ever seen.

Very well done and a great share. You made my day with that one..

I'm 6' tall and 210#s of US Marine, but something about that boy and his tiger always turns me back into my 12 year old self


@arevan: Wow, those are good, I'm not usually into those kinds of unofficial post original things, but that's pretty quality.

Calvin and Hobbes has got to be the greatest comic ever. Just seeing this deal reminds me how much I loved reading this stuff. To anyone who hasn't read them and has even the slightest of remote thoughts of possibly one day reading them, buy them now! Your life will be better for it, seriously.


I got this when it was first published. It is incredibly complete, and really looks good on the coffee table.


I ordered this well before the expiration of the coupon, but was charged the full price of 137.00 before coupon code. My final price was 92.00. Obviously, Barnes and Noble does not honor their own pricing and coupons. I urge everyone to use caution when ordering from them.