dealskohl's clearance 60-80% off + 20% coupon


Sweet! Found some good stuff for cheap! Thanks!


A lot of really cute dresses around 15-20 bucks. Awesome!


I tried every coupon code I could find, and couldn't stack them... despite the form saying I could use 2 codes.

Nevertheless, with the posted discounts, plus the 20%off code, I scored 3 sets of TOP notch sheets for about half of what I would have paid normally.



Total: $156.40

i don't know whether to kiss you or punch you, OP...but thanks either way!


I just PUNISHED that sales section! thanks for the awesome coupon!


@dcpotts: I looked in their FAQ, it looks like you can only stack 2 different kinds of coupon codes, I tried to use this one above and the 15%off everything code, but since they are both %off codes they don't stack. It looks like a %off code + free/reduced shipping code would be allowed to stack.


I attribute this sale entirely to the fact that I bought almost $200 worth of clothing from them at full price 3 days ago. So . . . you're welcome everyone.


@pinchecat: Haha, well....dang, how'd you spend all that money? I spent maybe $20. I got 3 shirts and something else, I forget. The deals (even without the 20% off) were pretty great.


Urgh. Every time I see these deals it once again reminds me that I haven't gotten my accurate measurements to grab some new dress garb that fits like big boy clothes.


I went to the store last night and scored some great deals too. 15% off for in-store use though.


$278 worth of clothing for $58 TOTAL. WOOT. thanks.


Got over $500 of merchandise (reg price) shipped for $90 and change!
LGreat deals on robes purses and pj for next year holiday gifts.


In store it's an extra 40% off... At least here in SWFL!


@linuxtrance: 6 dress shirts, 2 ties, 1 sport coat, a beanie, a jacket, a pullover, and a bra. the last item being a reward for 45 minutes of my gf's time used for female fashion advice.

(forgot to add...afterwards, she cranked up her own laptop and spent ~$60 (post-20%) on her own)


That is insane, I just got6 shirts and two pairs of pants for $50


as much as I love this, i got 4 hoodies for $56 including sales tax, the up to 80% is really deceiving.

The retail/original prices are highly inflated, and upon completion of my order it said original price was $30 each for the hoodies, where as the website listed them as originally $75. I know I would never pay anywhere near $75 for a hoodie, fleece lined or not, so just don't be to deceived by the markups and think you're getting an amazing deal and feel compelled to impulse buy more.


Remember, if you use your discover card, you can get another 5% cashback! ($110 after the discount... I suggest the men's athletic polos.)


Code SMS464 has expired but SMS2019 will also get you an additional 20% off of these clearance items.


I bought a coat (three in one), jacket, hoodie, 12 shirts, a pair of pants... and about 15 outfits for my little girls (1 year old) all for $170. INSANE. Thanks!


"Retail": $272

Regular: $108

Today: $56

Realizing shipping is only free on purchases of $50 AFTER all discounts applied, and coupon codes that I signed up for via email, text and their credit card DONT stack, then removing all non clearance items and buying a $3 beanie to trigger free shipping to KILL their margin: Priceless

Dont offer 20 coupons if you can only use 1 or 2! It's called overmarketing and most people HATE it! I was going to buy twice as many things and removed them in disgust after I chased all their coupon opportunities to no avail!