dealsbright red short bob wig for $4.29 + free shipping


Awesome!! Now I have a complete "Run Lola Run!" Halloween costume to assert my knowledge of obscure and mediocre mid-90s independent films and thus elevate my neo-hipster status.


ordered and psyched. don't know what i'm going to use it form, but damnit, i'll have it when i come up with something :D

also worth noting that there are 4 of these similar wigs for approximately the same price. there's a bright pink-ish, an aquamarine-ish and a darker blue option as well as this bright red-ish one.


Get the purple one and you can pretend you're on the moon in the near future year of 1980.


In for a red and blue. Lots of other choices here besides the red!


Most of the comments are in Russian. So, does that mean that:
a) this is a Russian site?
b) I should be wary of giving them my credit card info?

Just asking. I don't want to be a xenophobe or anything, but this is the internet, after all.


@rayray8822: know what i love? paypal!

seriously though, i wasn't too worried knowing that I wasn't typing in my CC info since I used paypal for the purchase.

also, their office hours mention HKT (Hong Kong Time), so I'm not thinking russian...?


@rayray8822: Hi, we are not a Russian site. We are based in China and we ship directly from our warehouses in China and Hong Kong. Majority of our customers are from US, UK and Russia, therefore not too surprising to see Russian comments :-)

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