dealsfila men's skele-toes amp for $29.40 + free…


If you follow the link, you'll see that some other Fila Skeletoes models are available at even lower prices ($24-27).


@xochiluvr: Hmmm Interesting opinion. I did up vote this deal. Haven't tried on, nor worn a pair of the listed shoes. Have many, many pairs of Vibram Fivefingers though. They're similar, you know. Does that count? I also up voted a deal for a Mikasa cake plate. Don't own it, not going to buy it. Did own a set of Mikasa china & some Mikasa crystal wine glasses. Does that count?

An aside: I'm already a black triangle. Now wondering if I'm a whore...for voting for deals simply because I think they might be a good purchase. :-/ Not necessarily something I want to buy, but consider it a good deal that others might want.

Edited to add: The questions: "Does that count?" are rhetorical. And I did look at the web site; am considering the skeletoe shoes. In case that might 'count' for something, too. ;-)


One day I was walking out of the gym in my Vibrams, and a man stopped me to ask how I liked them. This is something that happens to me a lot since most people don't know the shoes, but this guy said he'd bought a pair of toe shoes from a different company, and they fell apart after a month's wear, so he wanted to know how long my pair had held up. I can't say for sure if he was talking about the FILA toe shoes, so take that with a grain of salt.


just to give my two cents here...

I have owned quite a handful of vibrams and I absolutely love them. I also have owned a LOT of fila skeletoes and love them too! and for that idiot who likes to comment cause it makes them (i.e. HIM) feel special to defile someones attempt to provide a deal... you sir a complete fool who thinks egoistically of your own opinion...

as for this deal, it is a great deal! I wear skeletoes for everyday shoes when im out and about and not working out in the gym. just like what the other commenter have pointed out... whether it be Fila or Vibrams, you will have people asking you about how these shoes feel... in my honest opinion, these shoes have given life to how I walk and run... I run 3 miles every other day and these shoes have saved my shins and knees from the usual pain that you get from the regular shoes...

Skeletoes are a plus for being affordable and cheap! and I recommend them to get used to running/walking barefoot.


How is the sizing? Do they run big, small, same as your regular size?


I looked into these because I wanted to get into the barefoot style but have very sissy feet. I liked the price a lot more than the FiveFingers but the feel was not even close to the same for me. I thought about it for a long time before buying a pair of the KomodoSport LS. They are significantly more expensive, but I know I wouldn't have been happy with the Filas. I love the pair I have and was surprised at how natural they felt. It sounds weird, but putting the two small toes together in the Filas just felt wrong. All that being said, the price on these is better than what I've seen anywhere else.


Likewise, I can not comment on these shoes, but I do have the five fingers, and I love them. The one thing I will say is you get what you pay for. I'd pay $100+ for a pair of Vibrams over these any day just for the durability factor. I take my fingers everywhere. Also, unrelated to this sale, but relevant to minimalism, if the toe shoes are not to your taste, try the Merrell trail gloves or other bare foot like shoes they offer. I have a few pairs of those as well. The single toe box lets you wear heavy socks when running in the winter. Very nice. That being said, I wouldn't recommend these in the lower temps.


@sephcm: I bought a pair, and they ran a bit small (not quite a half-size?). Too small in these is pretty unacceptable, of course - there's no "toe room"!


I've had a pair of the SkeleToes Lite (from Dick's Sporting Goods) for a few weeks now and really enjoy them. I've already put about 20 miles of running on them on both road and trail in the rain some as well, as well as just wearing them around to break them in. The pricepoint at Dick's ($29) was great. Also I read lots of reviews online first and most people I have found prefer these to the Vibram's. I really like that these have 4 fingers instead of 5, just makes it more comfortable to wear.
As for the question about the sizing, I would go about 1/2 size less than normal. Your big toe should just touch the front of the shoe when you lean forward in them.


@joemarfice: Thanks. Ordered my normal size and another 1/2 size bigger.


I really wish this seller had size 14, as I'd get another pair for my mondo-huge feet. I bought a pair of size 14s on FILA's site about six months back, and they are without question the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. For size referencing, I wear a size 13W for my daily dress shoes, but I always wear 14 for tennis shoes, basketball shoes, etc. The size 14 skeletoes were a bit large with bare feet, but they're a perfect fit once I bought toe socks to wear with them.


@heesme: I love the pair I have and was surprised at how natural they felt. It sounds weird, but putting the two small toes together in the Filas just felt wrong.


THIS is what I was freaking wondering

Cheap chinese knock offs OR are these Fila's ACTUALLY 4 toe'd??? what gives lol