dealsnew elite black keurig b40 single cup coffee pot…


10% the cost and no seller rating. plus out of country...I don't think so. scam is written all over it.


If this is a real listing, it is a great deal. This model is going for $130 on Amazon.

The description lists B60 which should be your first clue of something fishy.

Also, the Free Shipping from Australia should be another clue.

Lastly, the brand new seller seals the deal.

Take your chances. eBay and Paypal are both good to help you keep from being scammed.


This is FAKE FAKE FAKE! Buyer protection from Ebay won't cover it, half of the information is wrong, and the picture is of a B60, but the listing is a B40. Don't buy this thing. You're wasting your time and your money.


Its not my listing lol, im just posting it, you got nothing to lose paypal protects you


@bennbarnes: I'm pretty sure the buyer protection will cover it. I "won" something a couple of months ago that turned out to be a scam and got a full refund. Oddly enough, the seller was very similar- Brand new from Australia. This might even be the same scammer. Ebay very promptly refunded the money with no fuss.