deals"til death do us part" murder mystery party for…


The shipping is around 8$


Just played this at a sister-in-law's place after she received it as a gift for her bridal shower.

Now to not give away any spoilers...

The game itself is okay. Probably a good beginner game, but the mystery buffs will easily weed the suspects from 8 down to 2-3 assuming characters are played correctly. There were a handful of times where that was a little difficult. The pacing of the information for the players was a little jumpy at times or vague. There are some distracting plot holes which are either really weak red herrings or just poorly constructed plot. Your choice. Yet despite this, the mystery still isn't very difficult. 3 of the 7* players in my game correctly identified the killer and 2 others had it narrowed down to the killer and 1 other but picked wrong.

Where the over all plot seems weak, however, some of it is make up in the characters and their personal story twists. If you have a choice, guys, be the groom or his father. Doooo it.

(*plus the murderer to make 8)


On a different note, shipping was $10.05 for me. Ouch.

Three different $10 murder mystery games came out to $15.96, though. So if you go for a larger order (gifts/convention/having a weekly mystery dinner month), this may work out in your favor.