dealsuniversal mini infrared ir tv remote control with…


Great deal.These are really handy when you use your TV as a monitor and control most of the channel changing, volume, etc. with other remotes. Just use it to turn the set on & off.


these were $1 on 1saleaday, it works ok, although it didn't come with instructions.

to program, hold down the mute button until the tv goes on mute, then release immediately. That's it.


i have this one and a different mini universal remote and none of them have worked with any of the at least 8 tv's that i have tried them on. i give it thumbs down


@nomadxxi: thanks! i bought it at 1saleaday a while ago but since it didnt come with instructions i was going to throw it away and just use the battery but now i can program it.