deals4 pilsner beer glasses 24oz - forever unbreakable…


Polycarbonate glasses will be loaded with Bisphenol A (BPA).


" average adult consumer would have to ingest more than 600 kilograms (about 1,300 pounds) of food and beverages in contact with polycarbonate every day for an entire lifetime to exceed the level of BPA that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set as safe."

I don't know about you, but I can't drink 1300 pounds of beer a day for the rest of my life. I think you'll be alright.


Unbreakable? Sounds like a challenge.


Never serve beer in polycarbonate... unless you're entertaining kids. Cheap beer may be consumed directly from the bottle/can. Decent beer requires a real glass.


@woottoady: We try to avoid real glass on the boat wherever possible. While we cruise along at a leisurely pace, too many cigarette boaters like to show off their engines and rock the other boats on the river. We've lost several glass items over the years. Otherwise I would agree with you.


@woottoady: No, I have to object. All beer should be poured into a glass. Never drink from can or bottle unless in some kind of mortal danger - or on a small boat, I guess.... And not just me - look to the professional beer snobs of the world, nearly all of whom will say the same thing. I am just an amatuer, but passing along their wisdom...


Sip any beverage? If i'm putting beer in that glass, i highly doubt i will be sipping it.

However, i do like the unbreakable aspect of it...for those fall over drunks in the family who can't seem to hold their beer glass upright...


Never pour beer into a plastic cup unless its a red solo cup and cheap swill beer.


@bsmith1: From a COMPLETELY impartial source?


@wilme2: I seem to remember drinking a fancy beer and the label stated I should NOT pour it into a glass. The brewers recommend I drank it right from the bottle. I wish I remembered what beer that was...


@pleepleus: If the good folks over at the American Chemistry Council® can't be trusted, I don't know who can! :)


This should be called a Pilsner-glass-style shaped, plastic cup.

No true beer lover would drink beer out of a plastic cup, with exception to the aforementioned red solo cup for certain ping pong ball games, etc...


Unbreakable glasses, challenge accepted

@bsmith1: 1,300÷8lbs per gallon = 162.5 gallons.
162.5×128oz = 20,800oz
20,800oz ÷ 12oz beers = 1,733.33 beers.

Additional challenge accepted...


So I am a beer snob / craft beer junkie / home-brew king. Given that, I can tell you this - that a good beer should never be consumed out of the bottle/can unless there is a zombie apocalypse. Pouring into a glass opens up the flavors. Sounds weird but it makes a huge difference. In term of plastic - I think a red Solo cup is much cooler than this as others call "child's glass" Good call there.... Cheers... Gotta get to my AA meeting...


@sumduud: You don't know how hard my toddler is to deal with before his first beer of the day.


@bsmith1: Too bad your link has nothing to do with that council


@pleepleus: go to the bottom of that page and click privacy policy. I thought they owned that site.


Thus whois search says the council owns that site. Too bad you jump to conclusions.