dealsled zeppelin: the song remains the same (1976…


Click on "show more deals" for the special 2 disc edition.


Does anybody remember laughter?


@edurne: I had to search the site to find the 2disk special edition. Good price at 8.29 but its in standard DVD format not bluray like the single disk edition.


@cmcmahon: I remember when the forests echoed with it!

(Any idea why you'd get two downvotes for that?)


@bdutton: When i posted both deals this morning you couldn't see the link for the special edition unless you clicked "show more deals from wbshop etc.". That's why i made that comment. Since this one went "popular" it stands all by its lonely self now.

and yes..i'm aware that the special edition isn't bluray...i checked but i didn't find it on their i posted (what i thought) was the next best thing. :)


I'm still waiting for a Blu-ray I ordered from the wbshop four weeks ago, so don't order this if you are in a hurry.

The first time I saw this I thought it was the greatest movie ever made, but that was at a midnight showing and I may have been in an appropriate frame of mind, if you know what I mean. Subsequent viewings have been disappointing.

The soundtrack album was huge when I was in high school, along with Frampton Comes Alive.


Know what you mean craigthom, I ordered Little Shop of Horrors on the 8th, got it today, the 21st, so I feel lucky!