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this is as about as cheap as they get, good product. can get the non-bio version a lot cheaper if that isn't important to you.


Here is a rather lengthy article about gun security devices with mechanical, electromechanical with keypad and electromechanical with biometric mechanisms. The guy is a security expert and a lawyer. From the article, I get the impression that the guy is really concerned about the poor design of these products especially where kids are involved. I don't get the impression he is angling for some sort of lawyer get-rich scheme class action lawsuit although the makers of these products are opening themselves up to such a lawsuit.

More interesting stuff here:


Interesting articles to say the least. This particular one does not have the mechanism like the one in the article. However I do have one of those.....mounted securely in a wall.....can't be dropped but I'm going to try the other methods described.

I disagree in that though these types of safes are not completely fool proof they do indeed offer safety for guns and etc and are WAY better than nothing!