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These are best the shirts out there if you like wrinkles! Good luck!


$6.95 shipping on one. Since I'm not interested in parading around with a monogram on my cuff in an attempt to let everyone know who owns this fancy shirt, I think I'll pass. May be helpful though if I ever find myself shirtless and digging through a pile of white dress shirts trying to find which one is mine...


I bought 4 of these and gave 1 away, but kept 3. I REALLY like the shirts. Most may think all white dress shirts to be the same, but it is not the case. The fabric is good quality and for $20, where else are you going to find a semi-tailored shirt? I have had mine for 3 years now and with regular trips to the dry cleaners, they look like new still.

You can tell the difference between a dress shirt you picked up at some mall department store and one which is tailor made for your measurements. And the monogram is cool - if you are going to dress nice, you should go all out and do it right.

My only complaint is that between when I order my shirts and they arrived, it took awhile and they came in separate shipments.


Got mine a few days ago. It took less than a week so I guess the wait depends on when you order.
The quality is much better than what I'm used to and I usually buy Van Heusen or some designer. I like the fact that you can pick your monogram style, location and color.
For $20 you can't beat the value.
(BTW: The free monogram is optional)


@tctk1044: You do know that the monogram is optional, right? Where else are you going to find a good dress shirt for $27? Certainly not at any department store.


Hm... I think I'll get one of these to keep out of my standard work rotation of shirts just to have a nice shirt ready for whatever... like an interview or a special situation. Seems like your average department store price except you get lots of nice customization options.

vote-for0vote-against has a better deal on shirts like this one. 50% off in the sale section look on their main page for the coupon code.