dealscraftsman bottle opener for $3.82


Shipping is 5.99, so the total is 9.81. Not as great a deal obviously, but if you live near a kmart its a great deal. Been wanting one of these for a while!


Gotta agree on most of these sears/k-mart deals. If you can get in-store, do it. Heck, at that price, buy a 6-pack of a tasty beverage, and the gift practically wraps itself.

I see it also being a hit at holiday parties, where you bring the nicer non-twistable-topped beverage, AND the handy tool to open it with.


Nice deal. I put 3 in my cart to include with christmas presents. When I went to check out, it told me it's out of stock at every store within 50 miles. Shipping cost makes it not such a good deal.


Nice deal, thanks! Been looking at these for a couple years and I was too cheap to do it. Luckily, the only local store near me had them in stock.


showing up for $8.49 now..