dealsaviator style glasses/sunglasses with…


Is there a non-golden frame like the one in the deal picture? I couldn't find it.


They use to have silver and black. I ordered a pair of silver several months ago and shortly after that they only had gold and have not had the others. I really like mine except I recommend switching the nose pads because the ones they come with are no good. Also it seems to take them at least 4 weeks to get them to you so don't be in a big hurry for them.


Add coupon code: DISCOUNT for 5% off. Grand total with shipping is $14.15


They are for prescription lenses, when at the site, click on the glasses (not "Add to wishlist"), from there you should be able to put in your prescription. I just ordered mine and w/ the discount code (DISCOUNT), my total was also $14.15


Wish they had black or silver frames, and looked all over and couldn't find example pictures of their tint colors.

Either way I guess it didn't stop me from ordering. Will be nice for those days you regret not wearing your contacts.


Hope everyone had better luck than I did. My sunglasses arrived and they look like clear glasses that were tinted with a yellow highlighter. E-mail customer service who stated they were sorry and if I wanted to orde4r another pair they would give me a discount. Last time I will order with this company. Product= 'F', Customer service="F"