dealspersonalized bbq branding iron for $12.99


In for one! Not sure of the quality, but worth a shot!


. . . spell out your name, or a clever expression . . . Hmmm.
(play dream sequence harp music)
A fine dining room at an expensive restaurant appears, waiters are bustling about with platters covered by shiny silver domes. A table has a platter delivered and the dome is removed to reveal a sumptuous meal with a prime cut steak in the middle, and there stamped on the steak are the words, "Bite me!" At another table another dome is removed to show a T-bone with the inscription "Compliments of Daisy. Enjoy!" Still another shows the message "Put my meat in your mouth!"
(end dream sequence harp music)


High-tempered aluminum... What? How do you temper aluminum? Tempering is done to ferrous (iron) metals to increase toughness by reducing hardness. Aluminum is heat treated to decrease softness and increase hardness and is a different process from tempering, so I'm not sure what they are selling. Is it a hardened heatreated aluminum, or a soffened alluminum so as soon you hit this on the side of your grill its going to mar your lettering?


Will this work on Mac? Or any of my other fraternity pledges?


@senordunda: I really hope Woot helped make that happen.