dealspizza hut: $10 any pizza (carryout only)


Yeah, they've been doing this for over a year now. Good deal, but hardly a "special."


Prices and participation may vary. (They don't do this at the one near me.)


I understand the no double toppings/extra cheese restriction, but how the hell do they get away with calling it "Any Pizza $10" when you have to pay extra for a stuffed crust?


Stuffed crust uses much more expensive cheese, first off. Secondly, if you're okay with paying 1.60 (at our store) for extra cheese, why can't you pay that much to have the extra cheese rolled into the crust of the pizza? Your complaint doesn't make much sense to me.


@justmejoseph: It's not that complicated -- it says "any pizza, $10", and it's not any pizza for $10


$10 for a pizza isn't that big of a deal around here. Most anyplace has a large pizza for $10---or less. A local Italian restauant run by actual Italians has 2 large cheese pizzas for $17.99 pretty often and they are awesome.

Just had a $5 pizza from Little Ceaser's the other day for the first time in years, and for 5 bucks it wasn't bad.


@donslin: good on you. mom and pop pizza places are always great. aside from that, sometimes when im out of time i get Little Caesers for the family. 1 hot'n'ready, 1 cheese bread, a couple dipping sauces and im out the door in 2 minutes, for cheap. not the best quality but thats not to say its bad either. im a simple man.


@cynicce: thats the only kind i would want!


I understand it costs more to make the stuffed crust pizza. That isn't the point. You can't call it "ANY pizza $10" when you have to pay extra for a regularly available variation.


I no longer purchase from Pizza Hut over this promotion. When it first hit, stuffed crust was included. I agree with other comments, double toppings and extra cheese should be extra. The Pizza Hut by me lists four types of crust on the menu, with "stuffed crust" being one of them. No mention is made on the menu about stuffed crust being extra. It it flat out dishonest to run an "any" crust promotion that excludes 25% of the available crusts. It is probably petty, but I do not want to support a company that is so blantantly dishonest... or at a minimum misleading.

PS - Papa John's is running a 50% off promo thru Christmas with promo code "12days"