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actually i order from J&R late last night and they are expecting a new shipment on Dec. 7. You can still add the coupon code and complete your order. They will not charge until its ship. And if you find the TOUCH cheaper any where else before December 7 (like cyber Monday) you can always call J&R & cancel.


Don't... click... that... button...
Don't even THINK about that!

Be a part of woot's family... buy a Sansa!


How dare you @zipeater Anyone who thinks that sansa is better than the iPod touch should be forced to work in sansa's chinese forced labor camps to mine the crap elements that go into the mp3 players that last only 4 months. iPod is the best consumer media player out on the market. only the Zune Hd even comes close but its still far off especially with the new features of the 4g iPod touch.



Dude, I've had two Ipod Touch's, and you know that's (mod edit: profanity)


Isn't it cute? It's like a tiny iPad!



Have you ever been to woot?

Do you know the definition of sarcasm?

Lighten up francis.


I actually own a couple different Sansa MP3 players but after others in my household got Ipod Touches, I have to admit they are very functional. Downloading apps (many times for free, if you catch the timing right), is pretty cool. I had been waiting for the 3rd gen ones to drop enough in price to buy one and then Apple came out with the 4th gen. The price at JR.COM is the best you will likely find in the near future. Final price for a 64Gb after tax, s&h, rebates (, my credit card - 1% only for the credit card) is $326. I will skip the Apple "free" engraving. Also, since my credit card doubles the warranty for free, I am set. Happy hunting for a better price! And, I do like my Sansa, by the way. I just wanted the bigger screen and the apps. One last thing, when I ordered it I think it said it was out of stock but I still ordered it anyway. It shipped the next day! Not sure what that is all about.


YES I agree,

I have too have a Sansa and its ok but it does not and will never compare to the Touch. You get the apps, and so much more and for the price you can't beat. And I don't think this price will come any cheaper unless its an older generation or this refurbished.


I bought an itouch from someone brand new but it unfortunately still has their name engraved on it.
douche apple

And now I can't download any apps even though I keep signing up for and trying to log in to accounts. So it's a stock itouch no matter what I can do to it. Not to mention I have to deal with itunes crap when that's not even my preferred player.

So I have done the research into jailbreaking or whatever but I shouldn't have to put in hours of work to make a packaged product work the way it should.

@zipeater sorry about that. Unfortunately this is a general shopping site which attracts a lot of immature people.