dealssandisk 64gb usb 2.0 flash drive black for $20.00…


While USB 2.0 has a theoretical speed of 60MB/s (480 megabits per second), actual hardware typically performs much slower. There are also faster and slower flash modules that affect I/O performance. This particular SanDisk model seems to be one of the slower ones according to this data:

Read speeds of up to 25MB/s were observed, but write speeds seem capped at around 12MB/s. Only a few of the test runs show those speeds, by the way. Most were in the 3-5MB/s write, 5-15MB/s read range. They note that this is using large files to test, and that smaller files (especially in large groups) will produce slower results.


@srilankanchurro: That's about accurate. I bought one when it was $65. It's a total snail of a drive.


@riuele2: locobuy just links to the quill deal, which is sold out...


found the same thing on locobuy. Deals woot says they dont accept deals from them when i tried to post it not sure why. but heres the link


New stock will arrive on October 22nd. I just bought 5. Also, The 4mb up and down is not right. I can't find anything on the SanDisk site about the speeds other than requiring USB 2.0 for hi-speed data transfers. That would infer MUCH higher up/down speeds.


It's cheap, but it's really slow.

Read Speed : 4 MBps
Write Speed : 4 MBps


I just called.. said they were out of stock. They also said they had no idea if they would be getting more too.
[edit; I bolded that, I figured I'm probably not the only person who thought to call so maybe I can save a couple people some time :D)


I just checked with their Customer Service to see if they would get any more in. They said that they still had stock and sold me 2!


What a deal! Of course it's sold out!


Their prices for USB drives are all over the place.


I posted this on slickdeals a couple hours ago and just got around to putting it on here... good thing I checked first since you just did it 40 mins ago.