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That would be starting at $3.99. I count eight albums at this price including; It takes a Nation by Public Enemy, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, Mother's Milk by RHCP, Discovery by Daft Punk, Brown Sugar by D'Angelo, Love Supreme by John Coltrane, Autobahn by Kraftwerk, and O Brother Where Art Thou. The other seventeen will cost you $5.99.


"Rhianna" changed the world?



Those are the 25 Albums that changed the world?? Exactly what world are we talkin' about


@rrussell: Fair point. I was just "pickin' up what Google was puttin' down", but you're right, Rhianna hasn't changed any world that I want to live in.


@jimmyd103: I tried to put $3.99 - $5.99 but it wouldn't post, so I left it as $3.99.


Lady Gaga got fat, i though you guys should know


I guess Woodstock, the Beatles White Album, and Clapton's albums don't measure up to these 'giants' of music. Of the lot the only two that are worth mentioning are Coltrane's and Pet Sounds (one of the Beach Boy's best).


@furekurss: Have you seen her undie pics? Takes slutty to a whole new level.


I live in a world where Weezer and Lil'Wayne are on a list of 25 albums that changed the world :| I would replace at least half the albums on this list based on absolutely any objective criteria I can think of but I equally can't think of any objective criteria that places either of those 2 on this list...


I see that the other commenters have the outrage pretty well covered....I suppose one could say that ANY album published changes the world in its own small way. Only a couple of these would make my list....


@tradergeorge: My comment isn't outrage it's despair :(


Lol, right. Changed the world. Somebody needs to change gears, or change the subject. I need to go change my pants.


Music that changed the world? to what? crap? i am pretty sure woot would not add this stuff to the very missed "BOC"

only one that could claim that is "Stevie Wonders Songs in the key of Life"


Thriller? Dark Side of the Moon? Nevermind? Sgt. Pepper's..or the White album, or Abbey Road, or anything by the Beatles?
No, no, it's ok...we have M.I.A., D'Angelo, and Snoop Dog

Also, unrelated, but on all of these 25 music/apps/movies deals pages, it really bothers me that there are 24 on a page and I have to click next to see 1 more.


Anyone that is invested in the Amazon ecosystem for their music or just has Amazon MP3 store credits to use Amazon is matching the Play Store prices on these deals. They just do not have them listed in one place. If there is an album you want just search for the album you want.


"25 Albums That Changed Somebody's World That We Could Sell This Cheaply"


Everything i wanted to say has been said very well by previous posters...
wished they had REAL music....i counted a max of 4 albums i MAY be interested in....the majority of albums listed are fillers.
Appears to be a "marketing" ploy of sorts


The only way Drake and The Black Eyed Peas would make any list of albums that changed the world if it was in air-quotation marks and said by a snarky teenager. This has to be some kind of a joke. Seeing some of these albums really angers me. These are probably the only 25 albums they could afford to license for sale for so low a price.

Good deal, though. But it's still a shame that 15 of the albums are just utter trash. Although, the title didn't say "25 Albums that changed the world for the better", so I have to give them some slack.


Nothing by the Beatles, Doors, Pink Floyd or the Stones? Who didn't buy Frampton Comes Alive? KISS? His world. That guy just picked from his own album collection.


I kinda like the fact that it's not the same ol' obvious "these albums changed the world". Gives a chance to buy some other stuff cheap besides what I already have in my collection on CD and just too lazy to rip it over to mp3 format.


@eandtee: Oh - good point! And p'raps like many celebs, the world revolves around her.



To be fair, they don't specify if they changed the world for better or worse.