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Just to be clear, 300 minutes/60 days of service added automatically when you activate phone. A card for an additional 300 minutes is shipped along with it. A free phone and cell service for about $0.04/minute is difficult to find with a two year contract, let alone prepaid service.

Review of phone:


I know this is 3 months old, but just some info: The LG600 is a crap phone. Especially through net10.

I've used net10 for over 5 years and have never had a phone drop calls or not even allow calls so much as this phone. You can have a full signal and it won't let you dial out. However I could use my motorola phone in the same spot and call.

Avoid this particular phone at all costs! The extra minutes are not worth it if you can't use them.


@psychoelfx: I've been using the phone myself since I posted that deal. (No longer offered, only the LG 300 but same deal BTW)

I haven't had any of the issues you've mentioned. I'm happy with most everything about the phone, the biggest negative is that the other party often has trouble hearing me.. I think that's a mic placement issue or that the phone flips open too wide for the shape of my head. I usually end up holding the phone firmly in the center with it slightly closed so that people can hear me. Probably could avoid that issue with a bluetooth headset, I just hate being "ThatGuy" or "ThatGirl" even, so I almost never wear one.