deals$4 off any shirt at lolshirts


I bought 1 shirt, used the code, and with the $1.99 shipping total came to $4.98 Nice deal.


@wookie8662: Every shirt I looked at was $9.99 so with $4 off and shipping it comes to $7.98,not a bad price but it's not $4.98. What am I missing?


@gusvonpooch: is $6.99 and not a clearance shirt.

Why is the Seinfeld "No soup for you shirt!" under Movies?


The coupon would nor apply when I tried to order. :(


Their ordering system is goofy. It does not give you a total before placing the order only after! That being said it was an awesome deal and I got 2 for $15.98 that is with the shipping. The $4 off seems to work for every shirt you buy:)


Woohoo! The code stacks! So if you order 3 shirts, you get $4 off EACH, not just $4 off your total order.

Can't speak for the quality of the shirts having never ordered from here, but the prices beat the crap out of places like ThinkGeek, even without the discount.


@sanchezaps: That's weird, I got my total before I submitted the order. It was all tallied over the on the left side of the screen while I entered shipping details.


I must be getting old because most of what I saw was just plain stupid.


Coupon would not apply. Got shirt anyway. There was no total after adding coupon....did not know it till got PayPal amount.


@morriea: Tried again for another shirt and worked fine!


I ordered 4 shirts @ $9.99:

Subtotal: $39.96
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $7.96
Total before Discounts $47.92
LOLShirts "Take $4 off any Shirt" ($4.00 off any shirt) ($16.00)
Total: $31.92

Great deal, wish they had a larger selection!