dealsalien anthology [blu-ray] for $52.99 + freeā€¦


One of these days I'm going to break down and go multi-region!


+1 on Amazon-UK; got mine last month, region-free, for roughly $33-$34 on the exchange rate. they (A-UK) have other blu-ray colletions for less than Amazon-US.


what gochr1s said, i got mine from amazon UK last month its amazing!


To those of you who bought this set off of Amazon-UK, how much was your shipping and handling? Did it really offset the difference in price? I'll start buying things off of there, as long as the shipping doesn't get too expensive.


I bought the UK set last night. $33.65 shipped (or "dispatched", as the Brits say). (6-10 day option) If you got for the 2-3 day shipping, it'll cost ~$62. Anyway, if you can wait a week or is DEFINITELY a deal.


@mehrdad1: Shipping was cheap - the whole pkg cost $34. The price difference really comes down to the packaging. The US package is very collectable, is almost like a book: the UK packacing is just a big blu-ray case that holds the discs in a cardboard slipcase. It comes with the book, region free, I'm very glad I bought it there.

If you're going to buy things from Amazon UK, just make sure it says "region free", or "region ABC" (that means all three regions).