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The price is now $10.99 instead.


I know the deal is RIP, but figured I'd throw in 2 cents...Prior to the deal posting, I saw it in the coming soon ticker. I was highly anticipating this deal imagining it would be roughly half off. I would have picked it up for $6, but at $9...that's only $2 off the normal non-sale price on Newegg. Still $3 cheaper than Amazon, with free shipping, so the deal post is much appreciated, but come on can do better than that.

Also, shame on Newegg for listing the list price as $35 or so (it was in the 30's) and claiming a larger-than-should-have discount, when really it's only a $2 discount. Dirty sales strategy. At least Amazon lightning deals usually display list price, amazon (regular) price, and then deal price so you see just what "savings" you're getting in to.

Apologies for the rant. I'm out to find more deals.