dealsoutback steakhouse - 4-course meal for $15.00


Wow, that's awesome. I think I may have to make a trip here this weekend. :)


Before you go, please call to make sure they offer the deal. Last time, Outback advertised a lobster & steak deal online and on TV. We drove half an hour to our nearest Outback at Foothill Ranch, CA. The manager told us they would not honor that deal, because Outback is franchised, and each owner set the prices. My wife was disappointed, and the manager offered us the same lobster & steak for $5 more, as if he was doing us a favor. When our meal arrive, the lobster was tiny, and the steak was half the size of steak I had at other Outback. It was the worst bait-and-switch scam. Outback needs to set stricter standard for its franchisees. Otherwise, rotten eggs like Foothill Ranch will ruin the Outback brand name for everyone in the family.


@d4daniel: The ad you get by clicking the link says, as all of their offers do, "product, price and participation vary by location." So, yes, calling to verify that they're offering the deal at your local Outback is a good idea.

As for your dissatisfaction with your meal, did you report it to Outback's corporate office? If not, that location will just keep doing the same kind of thing. They may be a franchisee (and can thus charge different prices), but they still have to adhere to the corporate standards. If Outback is like most restaurant chains, they probably would have given you a free dinner or a gift certificate to try to retain your business. Then they would have followed up with that location to find out why people are complaining about them.

All you need to do if it happens in the future is go to the website, scroll down to the bottom, click on Contact Us, click U.S. Restaurant, then you choose your state and the location and enter your comments/complaint.


Oh boy, guess that clears up any question about what to have for dinner tonight!

4 Course meal (with bread, so its like 5!) for $15.
Taken to go.
Split with my baby.
On a picnic blanket in the park.
Que sunset.
God is sooo good!!


@d4daniel: The customer is always right. That manager was an idiot, and I'm guessing ultimately lost more business than gained. He ought to have been glad to have paying customers in the door; it's not as though he was inviting all of California to come bankrupt him with coupons.


@jonathanluu2: That sounds really nice~lucky lady.


KFC is even worse. I bought a gift card at what I found out later was one of the few corporate owned locations in Washington state. I found out later that the franchised locations wont take it or many of the coupons KFC puts out. What a sad ass way of running a national chain.


I can't decide if I'm disappointed that the Bloomin' Onion isn't listed in the Salad section, or the Entree section...


@d4daniel: You can take a look at the menu for curbside pickup to determine participation. The $15 deal is listed on the online ordering menu for my local location (North MA).


The one by me shows almost everything for $15. Outback Special 6 oz. is $15, 8 oz. is $17, 11 oz. is $20, and Victoria's filet, 6 oz. is $23. The rest are $15.


@viper2544: Go on a Monday after Ryan Newman places in the top 10 in a NASCAR race on Sunday, and the Blooming Onion is free.


Good luck on getting the victoria filet on this deal. I checked my 5 closest locations. Only one had it on the offer at all & they had it for a $10 up charge. Most also charged a couple dollars more for the outback sirloin. Chad in N. CA


They should have a way you can check online to see if your nearest location takes this coupon.


@redlimey: no he meant that. It's Spanish for "What Sunset?." He lives in AK so obviously it doesn't set yet.


Did this for dinner tonight to go through their app. $16.24 with tax.

Potato Soup
Casear Salad
Pork Tenderloin w/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cheese Cake.

Pretty decent deal and was pretty good.


Went tonight, here in central CA they up charge of $2 for the 6 oz. sirloin and $5 for the 9oz. No filet or shrimp on the $15 menu. Pork Tenderloin very good....carrot cake was heavenly! Chicken was pretty ho-hum.
Beware, they also up charged the french onion soup (but in the waived the up charge because no one mentioned the french onion was more and the hostess listed it off as one of the Walkabout Soups).
Overall, good meal for the price! (I did call before I went).