deals50 pack of 9 inch heavy duty ball bungee cords…


This still had only a million uses last time around... I guess it's not "a million uses and counting" anymore.

Any reviews on these?


i wanna see the list, damnit


I've got about a dozen of these and I love 'em. You can string 'em together to act as a longer bungee cord, and by themselves they're great for wrapping wires and hanging tools on walls.


Last time i ordered something from this company, it took 3 weeks to ship, and it didn't even fit!
Never again!

Edit: Poor CS, too.


gotta watch the descriptions- some companies call the length before assembly (making it like 3 inches long- useless). I buy these at shows (car shows, truck shows, etc) for the same or less all the time. Our tent is held together with these.


comes out to a grand total of about 13 bucks with shipping and taxes, MISLEADING AD!


@virtual4desires: Its' $8 + $3 for shipping. Did you expect to not have to pay for sales tax?


Do not use these to make a home-made bungee jumping rig!