deals50% off cvs/pharmacy brand products


thanks, OP

looks like standard shipping is $5.49 for orders less than $49, which still isn't bad for getting 50% off and stocking up on stuff you'd buy anyway. i use their moisturizer so i'll stock up with this coupon. it's cheaper than in store


It looks like the 50% off is from the regular retail price, not the listed "sale" price on the site.

But hey, this is great because I have been needing to restock the good 'ol medicine cabinet.

Good find!


On there website today it says 40% off CVS brand. Did it change or can you still get the 50% off with the 50CVSBRAND code?


@danewdk: It should work-- the link above still looks active to me and leads to the 50% off code...


this is online only. I went to CVS and they said they need to scan a bar code so if there is 1 you need to print 1 out.