dealscanon2569a004 ef 70-200mm f/2.8l usm w/ caseā€¦


Sears "regular price" of $2300 is a complete ripoff. Normal price for this lens is $1400, with the IS version going for $2300.

Fantastic lens though, nearly whipped out my credit card when I thought this was the IS version.


@jokerswild97: I have never used the IS version, but this is definitely a great lens as well. These really hold their value - the used price is usually $1000+


Great lens but only buy with the IS. You won't ever regret you have it.


A whopping $50 off of Amazon price. Not a deal.


I have shot professionally with this lens for years, it's a great lens, IS version is heavy heavy heavy, don't bother


I've owned and used both this and the IS version, it's honestly not worth the extra money to have image stabilization. The newer sensors are so good at higher iso that you can just bump that up a few stops and keep your shutter speed fast enough to have a crisp photo.