dealsbuy an xbox 360 console from and get…


Someone should really change this to bundle instead of console. The cheapest console is 199.99 the cheapest bundle is 100 bucks more.


@lawdchay: yeah you pay $100 more but get a couple games that retail about $20 right now... seems like a great deal :)


@woocls: In addition to the games, the bundles all come with either a Kinect, a 250GB hard drive, or both. You don't get either with the $199 version. The hard drive or Kinect both run about $100, so the bundle is a good value if you want either item.

The $199 Xbox 360 with 4GB hard drive is too small of a hard drive for most people.


OH MAN. I could get a free PC game when I buy an Xbox 360!

O wait. I could just Play the PC game, ON MY PC, especially since this isn't a console -> PC port like Skyrim was.


If you don't have it already you probably will want Kinect with this game. It acually uses the voice recognition for weapons changes, ordering squadmates, and the like. Supposed to work pretty well.

Sadly, I'm still waiting for the import bug to be fixed, which it has not yet. Boo.


if you were planning on buying this game anyway, this is a good deal.

btw, for those of you who don't already know, this game is stupidly, ridiculously awesome. (just dont expect to know whats going on if you skipped the first 2)


@wilfbrim: what import bug? i have it for xbox and was able to transfer my other character with no problem.


@ndcouch: If you cloud saved your ME2 save file, it will not transfer into ME3 for some reason.


Try running your cloud save through the Gibbed Editor. I was able to port my ME2 save from PC to Xbox.

Couldn't have the Rachni around, or the Council from ME1.


@wnyx585am: Actually you can get a 320gb hard drive for around 95 and the Kinect can be found for 99 with 3 extra Kinect games with it. It's a decent deal but the title is still misleading.


@lawdchay: The title isn't misleading in the least bit.


@wnyx585am: ah. that would drive me out of my mind if i got this game then couldn't transfer characters.


@wnyx585am: couldn't you copy the save to your HDD, Memory Card, or Thumb Drive off of the cloud and then transfer it into ME3?


@segafanalways: There is apparently something about the way the file is altered when it goes into the cloud. I really don't know the specifics.