deals$50 gift-card for $25 ( sports…


These guys sell electronics too. They actually sell a little bit of everything..
They sell anything related to guns, optics, sports, outdoors, apparel, camping, hiking, survival.

They also sell a bunch of other misc crap too heh.. like phone cases, iPad cases, camera tripods, GPS..

lol I doubt this deal will get very many votes, but I hope it gets a few.. this is one of the best deals I've seen in a long time, so I'd hate to see it get shoved in a corner because I posted at a bad time.


Since you probably won't see this on the deals list (not doing too well lol) I figured at least a couple of you guys might appreciate a headsup on it.
@rlapid2112 @baqui63 @lavikinga @shrdlu @pinchecat - It's a $50 gc for $25.. This place shells shooting/reloading gear (plus a bunch of other stuff).

@devexityspace I'm not sure if you already picked up reloading stuff, but if not I think you'll appreciate this. They sell realoading equipment :D - and they MATCH PRICES.

I thought this was a GREAT deal, but I'm starting to think this is one of those situations where I think it's awesome, and everyone else is like "Wtf? What's so good about that?" heh

Hopefully SOMEBODY will be glad I posted this lol


@rlapid2112: Redemption! lol thanks, glad to see it did somebody some good.

The way I figure it, they price match Amazon etc.. so it's kinda like a $50 giftcard to Amazon for sports/shooting/outdoor stuff :D

[ed] @devexityspace: You posted while I was typing that heh.. Hey, let me know what you end up getting for a reloading set-up (if you end up reloading). I'm going that direction too, so I'll take all of the info I can get on the newer reloading stuff.

I'm 99% I think I'll pick up the Lee LoadAll II with this gc..


@drchops: I wonder how long this is good for? While I don't plan on using it myself, I have friends (yes, I know, it's strange to think of, but I do).

I didn't go to the site (I'm busy with other stuff), and I'm being lazy, but there it is.


@drchops: Thank you very much. I've forwarded this on to my Gun Boss for action!


Thanks for the heads-up. (I might have missed it otherwise).

After looking at their site and a few online reviews, i'm in for two. I'll use them for something before they expire.


@shrdlu: I typed up a comment and replied to you a few hours back.. not sure what happened to that comment lol. Rest assured though, it was the wittiest, most interesting/mind-blowing comment you would have EVER read. But apparently I forgot to "submit" :).

It ends in 5 hours from now (it's 9pm Pacific). It's from GoogleOffers.. The gift card itself is good for several months. Wasn't sure if you meant how long was the deal good for or how long was the gc good for - so I went the extra mile and answered BOTH :)

@lavikinga @baqui63 Glad all you guys saw that before it ended.. I got 2 too.. I missed this kinda thing last time Elite Tactical did it and was kicking myself for not seeing it when I needed a lower parts kit like a week later lol :)


@drchops: Thanks for checking back. I already sent this to a mailing list I'm on, because many of the people on the list potentially could be interested. Over and out.