dealse27 led white light 60w equivalent bulb (2-pack…


20 day warranty? Wow that is terrible! The LED bulbs I've bought from other places are more like 2 years!


Sporadic, to be fair, that looks to be the selling websites warranty, and I would guess would basically handle obviously defective equipment. I wonder if there is an actual manufacturers warranty.


Free shipping is an impressive perk.
However, the color description of "white" is not nearly descriptive enough. I would guess these are going to look more like CFLs than incandescent lights. Still I might be in for a pack.


@bione: Agreed. An industry standard K color rating would be nice to have on these, because it stinks when you mix and match different mfg's in the same room, and one light is more yellow then others.

Also, it doesn't mention if they are dimmable.


You can be assured if it doesn't specifically mention dimmable, they ain't. Ordered 2 sets.


Home Depot had their Ecosmart 4.8w/40w on sale a while back and they discontinued the bulb. The bulbs were by far superior to most of the household bulbs and they even were brighter than some of the 60w led bulbs. YMMV, home depot may have some near you. the UPC is 874340000019 and the SKU is: 864680. Stock up while you can! It's hard to know which bulbs are actually a "quality bulb" and this is an excellent bulb at a decent price if HD has any in stock.

Also, they have a 5 Year warranty on them. and they're dimmable.

4.8w (40w)
430 lumen
Bright White (3000k)


@speardiver72: Agreed. My wife found these a few months ago at Home Depot and they're a darn good bulb! The Phillips CFL bulbs we replaced started to make a "humming/buzzing" sound after a while that about drove me bonkers! We replaced them with the Ecosmart, BINGO! It's too bad all the stores near me have been cleaned out but I've since picked up a few on amazon for a decent price.


Still, the hands down winner is the CREE bulb.

Comes in a six pack at Home Depot, and priced less than $10.00 a bulb.


@sporadic: I've seen warranties for LED bulbs up to 10 years. But the warranty is through Caloby, the retailer, not the manufacturer. If they listed the model number you could see if the manufacturer also offers a warranty; otherwise look for one when it arrives, if you purchase one.


@zebraitis: The CREE bulb I purchased got hot around the base. I thought the CREE bulbs were Home Depot just rebranding their Ecosmart bulb line but, at least for now, I am wary of the CREE and will figure spending a couple extra bucks on a quality bulb is better than taking a fire risk. Heck, with the way these LED bulbs are made, they are supposed to last for 20-40 years...worth the investment and energy savings IMO.

Here is a link to the Home Depot Reviews for the Ecosmart bulbs.


Those Home Depot LED bulb sales are very regional (they only offer them in certain states). I always see those deals posted on SD, but can never cash in them. BTW, the HD sku posted earlier doesn't bring anything up on HD's site for me (like I said, regional). How do these 6W EcoSmart sku184902 (also 40W equivalent) compare to the ones that you guys are talking about? They're going for $10/each in my area.


@georgetdpr: LED's get hot at the base because of electronics. All LED bulbs have cooling fins.

Still compared to the wasted heat (and shorter life) of an incandescent bulb, not really an issue.

Unless you are a conspiracy conservative, of course... then it is. :)

Pictures and vid at this link:


@ryanlehn: Yeah, I've never seen that model in my area. The differenceS between the 184902 and the 864680 is that the 184902 is strictly an indoor bulb where the 864680 is a general purpose indoor/outdoor bulb made "suitable for damp locations".

Also, the 864680 has an estimated lifetime of 46 years, whereas the 184902 is estimated at 25 years. I'll have to leave these bulbs in my will to pass onto my grandkids. It's a nice feeling knowing I'll never have to get up on a ladder to replace lightbulbs anymore!


Re: Not climbing up a ladder... yep.

The house has some outdoor floodlights, 75w. I see those going away as well, and being replaced by:

They will likely outlast the home. :)