dealsemachines et1831-03 desktop pc intel 2.6ghz 4gb…


eMachines are notorious for using bad parts.
Stay away.


e-machines are never a good deal


Gateway must never be a good deal either by that logic. I'd never buy either of them.

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Gateway bought eMachines in December of 2005 and then in the end of 2007, Acer bought Gateway. So Acer owns eMachines.


Emachines / Gateway / Acer, they're all the same company now. I got an unbelieveable deal for a dual core intel laptop at Walmart for $298 that's an emachines. It's doing a fantastic job as my TV machine right now.

Acer has notoriously bad customer service, but their hardware is fine.


Actually Acer has horrible products and have a laptop from them that worked for all of three months. I sent it back and they fixed only one of many issues and it still does not work 600 dollars for a piece of junk! I will never own another product made by them period!


The last time I heard about eMachines using refurb parts in their new PCs was at least 4 years ago.

Most of eMachines' and Gateway's notebooks and netbooks are rebadged Acers. They often share the same port layout, battery, and even motherboard. I find the quality of Acers in recent years have been on par with Dell and HP. I've heard horror stories from owners of each brand so they're equal in that respect :)

Their desktops often share chassis with Acers -- for example, on their small-form-factor slim desktops, the positions of their front USB/audio ports are identical, and so are the rears of the case. eMachines tend to be lower spec'ed, you'll often find the ancient Nvidia 6150SE and 7050 chipsets in them rather than the newer, HD-video and HDMI-capable Nvidia 8200 or 9200.

The MSRP of this desktop is $390, before any potential sale promotion when it was new. Saving only $40 for a refurb desktop?