dealswallace & gromit cracking alarm clock for $14.99


big W&G fan, but this clock is awful.


@mkentosh: I want to buy it as I'm a big W&G fan, too. Why is it awful. Please advise.


@garymoy: I watched the video, and while I wouldn't necessarily call it awful, it certainly doesn't look particularly inspired. It appears to lack any kind of automatic reloading mechanism, so the balls roll down and just sit there. This makes for a good alarm clock only if you are not one to hit the snooze button.

Of course, the video itself was so poorly made that it is hard to tell for sure. Why they couldn't place their webcam on a stand to stay still I will never know. That site usually has better videos than that.


If I'm reading it right, it requires FOUR batteries of TWO different types to run. WTF?! Who designed this, a battery salesman?


@joemarfice: Agreed but the LR44 batteries(I assume powers the sound) are about .15 each and will last a very very long time and the AA which powers the clock will most likely last a year. I would look at this as a W&G collectable,very tempting


It would have to be a cheese powered clock to be a W&G clock!