dealsstar wars vehicles cookie cutters for $9.99…


From 4 months ago... you should go around and post duplicate on all of the deals that go away and come back after a few months.


Yep, this comes and goes. Thanks for posting so we know when the sale comes back.


Shipping is free now though. It was $5 before.


I bought these as a gift for my girl friend whom will bake many a cookies for me. Thanks!


Really good cookies they are!


Very tempting but looking at the decorating job on these cookies I am thinking, "Yeah, I'm going to have time to do that."


These things are up once a week. I swear they've been the same price since August.


The actual shape of the x-wing fighter is ridiculous compared to the frosting on top. It'd just look like a blob without the fancy decorating.


@rlbates: It won't be a blob. It's a press cutter, so you cut the shape but press the rest of the details into the cookie. Obviously the icing makes it pop, but the details are pretty good w/o it.


I have the character cutters (Vader, Stormtrooper, Yoda, Fett) from WS, and they work great with the right recipe (like the one included in the box). Don't use a store bought one because the design will puff up too much.

Also, instead of doing the intricate frosting work, you can just use colored sugar. The colored sugar fills in the indentations, and makes the design pop out more.


this will go great with my star-trek nm vader rules