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I love this series! It ended abruptly like they were planning on continuing with another season. The first 4-5 episodes are great, with Keith Carradine as Wild Bill Hickcock.


@tcayer: They were planning on continuing with another season, which resulted in one of the worst endings for a series, ever. There was some talk of doing another season, in the handful of years after it ended, but that fizzled, and we're left with an outstanding show that was saddled with a horrible ending.

The show is based on actual historical figures (though the events depicted are largely fictionalized), so it's fun to watch the show and then hit Wikipedia for the historical backstory.

But for those of you who haven't seen it, it's outstanding and very addictive. Ian McShane created an iconic characted in Al Swearengen (a real figure who was apparently even more of a b@stard than the one depicted by McShane). I'd quote some of his lines, but I think that the filter would either ban me, or render it unintelligible...


I agree, it's a great series but it's available at Amazon for a lot less. ($80 DVD, $90 Blu-Ray)