deals15% off site-wide on candy in bulk, candy buffets…


Why is this such a good deal? They are expensive! For example, their 10 lbs (160 oz) of M&M's chocolate or peanuts is $56. Costco sells a 56-oz bag for $12 or less, and if you get 3 bags (which is a little over 10 lb), you only have to pay $36 or less! And don't get me started on the Skittles. is a ripoff!


They don't have "ice cube" square german chocolates. What good are they!?


They don't have "Avalanche" bars. What good are they!?


I don't see this place lasting..Prices are way too high over local prices for the same thing then $9.99 for shipping...SAME gummy bear type & size locally off sale $1.67, acandystore $2.49 on sale...No thanks


10lbs. of Jelly Bellys is $75? Jujubes, 12 pack, $23? I can ger them at Walgreens for $12, and there would be no shipping charge. (Plus their search seems to think "Jujubes" is spelled "Jujubees", so i wonder what else is broken on that site.) Yeah, definitely staying away from that place.


this is like a cute candy store at the beach with high prices, except minus the cute and beach parts