deals3816 30-setting dual combo shower (new) for $24…


Anyone have an idea how this would react in a low water pressure area? I have to be careful what shower head I buy, the large sunflower ones just kind of dribble out the middle :(


I'm not sure about low pressure, kryzer, but I picked up this shower head a couple months ago on woot and I absolutely love it. I would highly recommend this shower combo if anybody is looking to change or upgrade your shower head.


@kryzer: I bought 2 not too long ago and they work pretty well in low pressure if you remove the flow restrictor. The tell you how to do it in the instructions.


@kryzer: I don't know if I have "low" pressure or not compared to you but I've had this about a year and like it. I did remove the flow restrictors and although the main head will get good pressure, having both on, the top/detachable will have just a "limped" flow...if that makes sense lol. I can switch between which I want more but both don't seem to be able to push out solid pressure at the same time, at my house. But even this it's still nice. The main head is the pressure and then the other is arced up over to fall around the same spot for more water.

These are also plastic, not metal for those that aren't sure. I was a little annoyed to learn that but it actually seems pretty solid so far and no chipping or cracking or anything yet.


I've read about the plastic concerns, but I had zero problem with it. Most sub-$50 units will be mostly plastic. Probably the easiest, no-leak from the start shower head I have probably ever installed (I've installed several). Popped out the simple plastic flow restrictors, and got more than enough pressure out of both. Other units took a while to heat up, but water is getting there quick with this one. I have no idea where the 30 settings come from because there are only like 6 settings on each. I guess it's a combination type thing to get there. The only QC issue I had was on a single spray hole that runs amok. As minor as it gets, but its in a spot that seems to get me in the eye every time I shower. I'm about to stick a toothpick in there or something. Over all, well worth the money. This is an opinion from a short time user though.