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@edgoodman: Tiberian Sun is the second out of five in the Tiberian series which is the first set of C&C games - Tiberian, Red Alert, and the most current Generals. Tiberian Sun was released in 1999 so whatever revenue they're giving up is pretty minor. Plus, it wasn't one of their better ones anyway.

On Amazon, it's a $10 game retail though MSRP is $70; used for as low as $0.01.

Anyway, how do they make money by giving it away - it's the drug dealer model or free samples. Get you a taste of what they have which gets you wanting to buy the other games.


Also, what's the deal here? Does it make you install some ad software? Does it make you play in a browser window? How are they making money like this?


Just so you know, the GDI firewall fencing can stop a Nod missile attack. Apparently, the fence goes all the way up the to the stratosphere.


Simply Just Install and run bootcamp on your mac.(core2duo or newer) It will run better than any pc of equivalent hardware and most likely be cheaper.


@coldtwelve: Doesn't look like it. Sounds like a reason to get a pc.


Man, I'm getting old if people consider this a "classic"


Not on my home computer to check, but is there a Mac version?


@zameer: from the download page :
Unzip the .RAR file to C:\Program Files directory, after completion the file structure should begin with the EA Games folder
Simply click the "Play Tiberian Sun" shortcut in the EA Games folder

Please make sure the "EA Games" folder has been unzipped to your C:\Program Files directory

Double-click "tibsun_regadd".

In the "Internet" folder, double-click the "registerWOL.exe" file, this will correct your DLL files, click the successful message twice

*If you do not complete the above steps exactly, you will likely get a crash error or "missing online library" error

Click "Play Tiberian Sun" shortcut or Game.exe to boot the game up

At the Main Menu click Internet. After messages you will be at the username creation screen.

create username and create a password 8 characters in length,do not need to click "new account"

You should be taken to the main online lobby where you can join/create games


Okay, I download it and unzipped it. Now what file do I run to install it? Please forgive my ignorance.


@psaux: Z was AWESOME!!! I loved that game! Too bad the sequel was so lackluster.


I believe they also make a number of the other old C&C games available in a similar manner. On top of that, the more recent ones often feature in the holiday sales on Steam. They're good games, even if they lack the polish of WarCraft 1&2 or Starcraft 1. (If you like those, you should also try to find a little game called Z.)